This week, I looked at all those that I crossed in a very attentive way. I looked of whom I would want to make the portrait. It may serve my eccentric's reputation but didn't inspire me. And then, on Tuesday, I went on TF1's website to look for information about the series "Deadline". I did not find this information but I found a small shortcut and I met THEM. Were these beings with the fixed glance, human? Well, I didn't dig the question but that gave me an idea!

Je ne connais que les chats pour pouvoir vous fixer ainsi sans autre intention perceptible que celle de dévoiler votre âme. Ils ne cherchent pas votre point faible, ils ne guettent pas le moment où vous relacherez votre attention, non, ils vous étudient, pauvre humain que vous êtes ! Ça leur donne l'air d'en savoir plus que nous, c'est agaçant ! :)

I know only cats to be able to fix you so without the other perceptible intention than that to reveal your soul. They do not look for your weak point, they do not watch for the moment when you let your attention waver, no, they study you, poor human being whom you are ! They seems to know much more than us, it's irritating ! :)

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J'ai remplacé les portraits des acteurs des séries et je trouve que ça reste crédible, non ? :)

I replaced the portraits of the actors of the series and I find that it remains credible, no ? :)

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